I experience servere oily scalp problem and I’ve tried different remedies, dry shampoos and even cut my hair shorter to reduce the greasiness on my hair. None of it work until I gave Luxescalp’s oily scalp treatment a try.

My job requires me to be outdoors for long hours and with Singapore’s weather, my oily scalp problem worsen as days go by. It affects my overall image and I decided to seek professional help from Luxescalp. Luxescalp fixed this problem and changed my appearance.

My hair feels fresher now without the dandruff problem. I went to the outlet for the volcanic mud mask and herbal treatment. My scalp feels fresh and clean after every treatment and the dandruff have decreased significantly just after 1 treatment.

I suffer from premature hair loss due to tremendous work stress. I searched for solutions and found Luxescalp on Google. I was skeptical at first but to my surprise, their customized treatment really helped to reduce my hair fall problem. I even see new hair growth.

Gave Luxescalp’s treatment a go since my hair loss problem was getting more severe. My scalp did feel less oily and I experience lesser hair fall just after 2 sessions. The results greatly exceed my expectations.

After endless of visits to the Salon, my scalp and hair got greatly damaged by the chemicals of the dye. Therefore, I decided to give Luxescalp’s natural treatment for greying hair. My scalp feels less itchy and my hair is not as dry as before. Thank you Luxescalp!

After years of using harmful hairstyling products, I suffer from premature hair loss and an irritable sclap. I went to Luxescalp for help. The therapist customized a treatment according to my scalp condition and I saw immediate results just after my 1st treatment! Now, my hair fall problem as been solved.

My hair loss problem was getting more servere and thus, I went to Luxescalp for help. I did their hair loss treatment to strengthen my hair and prevent further hair fall. After just a few sessions, I see lesser hair falls and even hair growth.

My son brought me to Luxescalp after he saw me using countless anti-hair loss shampoo. I was amazed at the results after Luxescalp’s treatment. It not only reduced hair fall, my hair is also not as greasy anymore.