Our Solutions

At Luxe Scalp, we have developed the result-focused “A.C.T.I.O.N” solution to solving oily scalp problems specifically in our humid and stressful environment.

The A.C.T.I.O.N. solution was developed for young adults who have oily scalp. First we analyze your scalp to identify the problem areas. Next, we confirm if the problem is severe and whether it needs to be treated. Lastly after confirmation, we treat your oily scalp problem using a special formulation of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and our I.O.N. process. This creates the perfect ACTION plan for your oily scalp problem. Based on our I.O.N. hair care process, we address problems from the top-down, layer by layer. We do this because everyone has a hair profile that is unique to them. Thus, requiring different solutions for different challenges. In our scalp, there are 3 different layers. To specifically solve oily scalp, we have developed a solution that attacks the problem layer by layer making sure that we treat the cause from the root.

I – Initial Layer

The Initial Layer is the surface of the scalp where we will be able to see the first tell-tale signs of oily scalp problems. This layer also acts as a protective barrier against bacteria and external stimulus.


O – Oil Gland Layer

Next we then we move on to the Oil Gland Layer under the initial layer where the little pockets of oil are located. The oil produced here keep our scalp soft, smooth and waterproof. But problems start to appear when excess oil is created cause by our humid weather and stress!


N – Nerve Layer

Lastly, the Nerve Layer, the deepest layer of the scalp, is where all your nerves endings are. It is where feelings of itchiness or pain come from. Other hair care centers offer solutions based on the hair growth cycle but not us. At Luxe Scalp, we create a unique formula based on your unique hair profile using the a solution that has been researched, experimented and tested & proven over the years. What we’ve discovered is that solutions developed yesterday might not solve the problems of tomorrow. Every customer’s treatment and solution will be customized by our trichology trained consultants. Each customer’s scalp condition is different and may vary, therefore, our team can only proposed scalp solutions after a proper one on one consultation accompanied with a detailed scalp analysis.