Ways To Ensure A Good Hair Day Despite The Rain

By admin on July 14, 2018

Ways To Ensure A Good Hair Day Despite The Rain

We know how frustrating it is to style your hair prettily only to end up with a big poof because of the rain. Getting rained on and letting your hair air dry no matter what hair type you have always ended up this way. It’s probably okay if you’re just headed home but if you’re out running errands or on your way to work, that can’t be nice.  So here are some tips to still have a good hair day despite the bad weather.


Guard Your Hair

Once the rainy season started, it’s probably a good idea to get a climate control finishing spray. This way you know that even when you have a busy day ahead your tresses will stay how you styled it even when the rain, wind and static are on the roll.


Carry An Anti-Frizz Cloth In Your Bag

Sometimes, even with an umbrella, the rain manages to find its way to your hair. Don’t let that catch you off guard though, an anti-frizz cloth will help you get the excess water out of your locks without making it look like a birds nest after drying which usually happens when you use a coarse towel.  


Curb Flyaways

Despite your best efforts to style your locks and tame it to avoid flyaways, the dreary weather can really undo your work. But not if you arm yourself with a touch-up cream ,to camouflage any flyaway that decides to show up.


Prepare For The Worst

The best defense is a good offense. If you have naturally curly hair, don’t straighten your ringlets on a rainy day. Instead beat the rain to the punch by enhancing natural curls with a wand.


All these methods can definitely help you keep your hair looking sleek even when the weather doesn’t naturally permit it.  But all the heat styling and product build up can also lead to hair and scalp problems. If that happens, try LUXE hair treatment in Singapore! LUXE Scalp Specialists address the root of your hair problem to provide the most suitable solution. Their treatments maintain and restore hair follicles and stimulate healthier hair growth! Aside from that, their treatments are also great when you’re suffering from hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, eczema, psoriasis, and more that can all lead to thinning hair.  So that, your glorious and thick locks, will be restored.