Top 9 Solutions To Oily Hair

By admin on February 06, 2017

Top 9 Solutions To Oily Hair

You may have naturally oily hair or your hair care habits are just making your hair greasy. Either way, you don’t have to endure, here are some tips that can help you improve your hair’s condition.


  1.      Keep Your Conditioner Off Your Scalp

Applying conditioner on your hair helps moisturize dry hair but letting it reach your scalp can make your oily hair worse. Keep the conditioner on your mid-shaft to your ends.


  1.      The Baby Powder Trick

If you’re out and feel like your hair is too greasy, sprinkling baby powder on your roots is a great quick fix. Just rub it in and shake off any excess especially if you have dark hair if you don’t want to look like you have snow on your hair.


  1.      Use Dry Shampoo

Too lazy to wash your hair but it’s too greasy to just let it be? Use dry shampoo! This will help you spend more time in between washes, especially during cold seasons when it’s a real struggle to shower.  


  1.      Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

You may think that the solution to eliminate oily hair is to wash your hair, but you’re actually just making it worse. Washing too often strips your scalp and your strands their natural oils, your scalp then reacts by oil production overdrive.


  1.      Go Easy With Brushing Your Hair

Forget about than hundred brush strokes! Overdoing it just stimulate oil production. But don’t be a slack that looks like you’ve always been just out of bed. Not brushing enough keeps natural oils from being distributed to your strands so they just sit around your scalp leaving you with greasy scalp and dry hair strands.


  1.      Choose Hair Products According To Your Hair Type

Aside from choosing products that works best for your greasy hair, it’s also important not to use too many at the same time. Let your scalp breathe, sometimes your hair feels heavy and oily because you’ve put a ton of styling products.  


  1.      Resist Touching Your Hair All The Time

For women this may be a natural mannerism. But our fingertips produce oil, so touching your hair all the time is just transferring more oil to your already oily hair.


  1.      Avoid Straightening Your Hair

The straighter your hair, the closer it is to your head which allows more oil from your scalp to stick with your strands. You might want curl sometimes to give more volume at the roots or let your natural hair be.  


  1.      Try Luxe Instant Cleanse Formulation

If you do all the tips above and your hair still feel drenched, you may have to seek treatment. LUXE Instant Cleanse Formulation helps break down the oil sebum and open up the pores. This enables the paste to penetrate into the hair follicles, removing the oil sebum and replacing it with the herbal paste. Your scalp will instantly feel clean and refreshed!