Top 6 Ways To Get The Most Out DIY Scalp Massage

By admin on April 03, 2017

Top 6 Ways To Get The Most Out DIY Scalp Massage

Going to the salon for a scalp massage is no doubt a relaxing experience. But you don’t have to spend that much money and go all way to the salon every time you want to relax or your scalp needs some TLC. You can get the same experience even at the comfort of your own bathroom!


However, you have to make sure you’re doing it right because a scalp massage is not the same as lathering up that shampoo on your hair. Scalp massage, when done right, releases tension on the forehead and scalp areas, boost blood circulation, and help keep your scalp and hair in good shape.


So you may want to prepare the things you’ll need like essential oil and a carrier oil, shampoo and conditioner, and follow these tips to get that salon-type scalp massage that you love.


1. Massage Scalp With Oil Before You Shampoo

This may seem counterintuitive, especially if you have oily scalp, but rubbing some oil onto your scalp and hair don’t just remove some of the grease but prevents unnecessary breakage. This is because oil attracts oil, and since wet hair is more prone to damage its best that you do the scalp massage before you hop in the shower. Remember to choose essential oil that suits your scalp condition.  


2. Avoid Using Your Nails

When you have itchy scalp, scratching your scalp, while shampooing, feels like the best thing in the world. However, that’s not really helping you. Doing this may cause lacerations and the dirt or bacteria that may be underneath your nails can lead to infection. Not to mention that it will hurt when shampoo or even just water comes in contact with those lacerations. Just use the pads of your fingers when massaging your scalp, not your nails.


3. Scrub Every Single Spot On Your Scalp Thoroughly

Don’t just focus on the top of your head; make sure you cover every inch of your scalp when massaging it. To make sure you don’t miss any spots, pick a place to start (like the back of your head or your temples) then work your way around your head using circular motion towards the center. With the pads of your fingers, you can scrub with as much pressure you like. This will help loosen tensed part of your head while helping the shampoo penetrate better.  


4. Do Not Forget Your Hairline

This part is usually where sweat or residual make up settle. This is why when not cleansed properly you’ll notice that you tend to have acnes around this area. Make sure you spend the same amount of time scrubbing your hairline like you do with the rest of your scalp. Start with your temples since massaging this are helps ease tension and stimulate blood flow too.


5. Massage The Back Of Your Head

Aside from the fact that most people carry a lot of tension in this area (which is why you catch yourself rubbing this part a lot especially if you sit in front of the computer all day), this part sweats a lot too. To massage this area put both your thumbs at the base of your head, switch back and forth between massaging in a circular motion to pulling the skin upwards.


6. Make The Most Of Your Conditioning Rinse

In case you have fine hair, which can be prone to breakage, massage your scalp when you condition your hair instead of when you shampoo it. This allows you to massage your scalp without pulling your strands too much since the conditioner makes it easier for your fingers to slide through. After that, rinse out the conditioner using cool water.


Pretty simple right? Although scalp massage sounds better when someone else is doing it for you, it’s still good to know that you can give yourself the same experience even when you’re all alone and don’t have those reclining chairs they use in salons. Start incorporating scalp massages into your regular hair care routine and enjoy healthy, glowing, faster-growing hair along with reduced episodes of headache and fatigue. Whether you choose to wash your hair immediately or leave the essential oils on for a couple of hours or even overnight to penetrate and do their work doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable.

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