Things That You Should Know When Buying The Right Hair Brush For You

By admin on August 20, 2018

Things That You Should Know When Buying The Right Hair Brush For You

We all own a hair brush but do you know if you’re using the right one for your tresses? It’s important not to skimp on the quality of the hair brush that you use because it can affect the health of your hair and scalp in the long run. So next time you’re out shopping for a new one, here are the things that you should consider before purchasing.


Material Of Bristles

There are different materials that are used in hair brushes. There’s natural material like boar bristles, synthetic like nylon bristles or combination of natural and synthetic. What’s good with natural materials is that they’re gentle on hair and scalp, minimizes static charge and doesn’t cause that much damage. Not to mention that they also last longer compared to their synthetic counterparts. Now, the reason why synthetic ones are still being patronized by consumers despite not being able to stand excessive heat and melt easily which is a problem if you do heat styling a lot is that they’re way cheaper than natural ones. If you have fine hair, they will do since there’s not much resistance and the bristles won’t wear out too easily. Plus, it can produce static charge which causes your hair to stick out giving you an unkempt appearance.


Gap Between Bristles

Did you know that the gap between the bristles of your hairbrush matters too? This is because of the tangling factor which we all know can be a pain! Closely spaced bristles are good for fine hair while thick curly textured hair requires a brush where bristles are placed father from each other so that it can’t damage the integrity of curls.


Type Of Hair Brush

If you now know what material and gap of bristles you want on a hairbrush, you should now figure out what type of hair brush suits your hair. Here are the different types of hairbrushes and what makes each of them great.


  •         Paddle Brush

This is often the type of brush people go for. This is probably because it’s great for smoothing out your tresses and can be used by anyone if you don’t really care for styling much and just want to make sure you are tangle-free. But just know that if you have long and thick hair, the large and flat paddle brush is better. But if you sport fine hair with short or medium length, you should go for small and round shaped paddle brush.   


  •         Vent Brush

If you are a busy bee and want a brush which can cut your hair drying time in half then go for this one. It will give your straight hair a perfect look without applying much heat or styling. It is designed to dry and style your hair much faster by maximizing hot air circulation around your tresses. It is much lighter and easier to use with respect to round brush which you use to get a professional look on special occasions. It is a basic brush which can be used for detangling and removing frizz from your hair.


  •         Round Brush

You’ll see this type of hair brush in hair salons all the time and with good reason because it’s the type that produces flawless blowouts that most people love. So if you want to recreate that kind of look every time, even when you’re at home, this is the one that you should get! You can buy it in different sizes which can help you achieve different finishes. Want to be able to straighten hair as close to the scalp as possible? Go for small round brush! Prefers bouncy waves? A big one will do the trick!


  •         Teasing Brush

If you’re always struggling to achieve volume in your locks, you definitely need a teasing brush! This is the one that they use when ‘back brushing’ your hair to add volume and create up-dos and tease your hair on the crown region.


  •         Hourglass Shaped Brush

This brush has longer bristles on top and bottom while having a row of short bristles in the center. This shape is highly useful because it will not slip from the surface and allows you to brush each section perfectly without causing any frizz.


  •         Boar Bristle Brush

If you like extra benefits when brushing your hair aside from detangling and smoothening, you should get this one! Because the bristles on this one are close to a human hair, you get soft, shiny and healthy hair whenever your brush it! This is because of the massaging action that it gives on the scalp which helps improve blood circulation around the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.


Brushing your hair helps distribute oils from your scalp to the strands, which makes your hair look shiny. But overdoing it over stimulates oil production resulting to greasy hair. The best way to prevent yourself from obsessive brushing is to just focus on detangling the lengths and ends using wide-tooth comb especially when your hair is still wet.  


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