Is Your Sweet Tooth Putting Your Hair In Danger?

By admin on May 10, 2017

You probably know by now that your diet plays a huge role in your hair’s health. Research has found that men and women tend to be more likely to lose their hair if their diet is composed of too much sugar as well as eating foods that are converted rapidly into sugar once they are consumed or those what we call high glycemic foods.


The Link Between Sugar And Balding


Since hair is mainly protein, you really will suffer hair loss if your diet is high in sugar which lacks in protein. Aside from that sugar-based diet do not contain vitamins like vitamin E, copper, vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and selenium, and other vitamins and trace minerals which are all necessary for a person to have healthy hair.


Another possible theory is that your hormones are affected by what you eat. A diet high in sugar, chemicals, and inflammation-causing foods may cause a hormone imbalance. Without the right hormone balance, the body cannot produce the right hormones linked to the growth of healthy hair. DHT is often the hormone linked to hair loss. It is a harsher form of testosterone which when you have too much of it in your body causes your hair to not grow effectively.  


Steps To Stopping High Blood Sugar-Related Hair Loss

✘ Avoid Eating Sugar

Start cutting out all forms of sugar in your diet whether it’s glucose, fructose, dextrose, sucrose and even natural sugars that you can get from fruits. Remember that too much of anything can be bad for you. So limit yourself to two small fruits a day or one glass of fruit juice keep insulin-related spike in your blood sugar.


✘ Avoid Eating High Glycemic Foods

Refined grains, potatoes, rice, and starches turn into sugar once you consume them. If you’re not sure what are the foods you should be avoiding, go by staying away from “anything white”. While it may be too drastic to completely cut them off your diet, just remember to keep everything in moderation to help you with your hair loss issues.


✔ Drink As Much Green Tea As You Can A Day

Incorporating green tea in your daily diet helps testosterone from changing into DHT. As a result, sugar-related hair loss decrease if not stops altogether. If you don’t like drinking green tea, you can always buy it in supplement form.


✔ Replace Junk Foods And Sugar Products In Your Diet With Healthy Proteins From Organic, Unrefined Sources

Junk foods and sugar products hardly benefit your body in anyway. In fact, aside from hair loss, you can develop heaps of other health issues if your diet relies on just those two. If you do not want your condition to go from hair thinning to baldness, you better start eating more steak, beef, shellfish, chicken and turkey which are all great sources of protein and consume them as organically as possible.


✔ Consume Egg Yolks Three Times A Week

If you have a condition that makes eating this much eggs bad for you, like you’re obese or have high cholesterol, don’t do this. But if you don’t, eating whole eggs provides you much needed Sulphur and biotin for faster hair growth.


Being more conscious of your diet is great in maintaining your hair’s condition. But if you do that along with receiving LUXE’s herbal scalp treatment, you’ll see better and faster results! That’s because Ayurvedic herbs to help maintain and restore the hair follicles while balancing the level of white blood cells in hair cells which prevents hair loss in the process.