Reasons Why Dry Shampoo Is Actually Ruining Your Hair

By admin on October 19, 2017

Reasons Why Dry Shampoo Is Actually Ruining Your Hair

Aside from busy schedule that keeps you from having time to wash your hair, sometimes you’re either too lazy to wash your hair or you find that it’s easier to style your hair with a little bit of the nitty texture that the dry shampoo gives. These are why a lot of people consider dry shampoo as a savior and heaven sent. However, did you know that it can actually ruin your hair in the long run?


It Contributes To Product Build Up

There are shampoo and conditioner residue, styling products, and other hair care products that you constantly put on your hair and scalp. While all of them are meant to improve your hair, they can still cause problems like dandruff and hair loss if they’re not cleared from your scalp thoroughly. So, imagine when all of those products are left sitting on your scalp along with dirt, oil and dry shampoo every time you decide not to wash your hair? Using these products repeatedly without cleansing the scalp in between, the product will build up and contribute to dry out the hair. It can also train the hair to stop producing natural oils the scalp requires to stay healthy.


Dulls Your Hair Color

Since dry shampoo is meant to soak up grease and oil, the powdery formula creates a matte texture that makes your hair color look less shiny. As a result, your hair looks dull. No one wants that, so avoid this by using color-protecting shampoo in the shower and products in between that keep your hair as healthy as possible.


It’s Bad For Your Natural Shedding Process

To make sure your future hair grows well and keep your existing ones healthy, your scalp needs to be flake-free so that it can breathe. Piling on dry shampoo after dry shampoo is simply not helping that and suffocating your scalp. Our hair and scalp require gentle daily cleansing, and a clean, flake-free scalp helps to optimize hair growth. So keep dry shampooing to a minimum and make sure you make clarifying shampoo a part of your hair care routine, whether you have greasy hair or don’t. This product helps cleanse and exfoliate your scalp to get rid of buildup styling products and oil that your regular shampoo can’t do.


Try LUXE Hair And Scalp Treatments

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