Why Hair Gloss Treatment Is Better Compared To Usual Dye Job

By admin on July 04, 2017

Why Hair Gloss Treatment Is Better Compared To Usual Dye Job| Hair treatment

You can get lost with all the available hair treatments nowadays. There are so many and they all claim to make your hair look like those models hairs in shampoo commercials. The thing is you don’t know which actually works!


Well, one article won’t be enough to breakdown all the existing hair treatments today. But for those who are a fan hair dyeing, here’s a treatment you’d be better off with that the normal ones.


It Repairs Summer Damage On Your Hair

Hair dye is already drying, add that to the harsh UV rays and chlorine during summer and you’re hair will definitely feel like straw to the touch. Gloss, for that matter, can repair those damages and make it silky and shiny again by returning the texture and deep conditioning your strands.


It Is Mild Compared To Regular Hair Color

We know that regular color has ammonia that opens up hair cuticle to drop the color into it, which obviously is damaging. Gloss, on the other hand, does the opposite. It is very acidic which result to your hair cuticles closing up and then results to smooth surface that promotes better light reflection and gives a softer feel.


A Gloss Treatment Gives Translucent Color And Intense Conditioning

As the name suggests, this treatment makes your hair super shiny and smooth. But aside from that, it lessens the frizz and gives tonal effect so it will look like you had conditioning treatment and dye job at the same time.


If You Highlights Turned Out To Be A Little Brassy, Gloss Can Tone It Down

Speaking of tonal effects, if your get gloss treatment right after what appears to be brassy highlights it will tone the color. The gloss locks the color so it doesn’t develop into a shade that’s too brazen.


You Get To Enjoy The Benefits Of Gloss While Sticking To Your Natural Hair Color

If you love your natural hair color but you want your strands to be shinier and smoother, clear gloss is the answer. It lowers the pH level of your hair and leaves extreme conditioning properties.


It’s A No-Commitment Change

Regular dye jobs keeps you from using the same hair products for normal hair, otherwise it will strip the dyes faster or dry out your color-treated hair. It also makes limits your hair styling since dyes weakens the hair follicles and causes thinning and breaking.  Gloss treatment, however, doesn’t interfere with any chemical change you might want to do in the future.


No Need To Have It Done At Salons

You can easily do this at home. There are gloss kits sold at local drugstores that you can use. Just know that, it would be best to stick with clear gloss if you decide to DIY as colored glosses can be tricky to do on your own.


Low Maintenance

This is a fuss-free treatment. No need to retouch your roots every so often like regular dye job. All you have to do is opt for sulfate-free products and you’d be fine.


If you truly love dyeing your locks, it would be better to opt for an alternative like this that wouldn’t be as harsh for your hair. However, no matter how milder this is, if you’re doing it constantly it still would affect your hair and scalp’s condition in one way or another. For this matter, Luxe hair treatments and scalp treatments can help you address your hair or scalp issue accordingly with the help of modernized Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs formulation using the principle of Chinese herbs to provide potent nutrition and energy to our hair. This should restore your hair’s lustrous and bouncy state!

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