8 Tips To Stay Stylish Despite The Wet And Windy Weather

By admin on September 25, 2018

8 Tips To Stay Stylish Despite The Wet And Windy Weather

Rainy and windy days not only makes you wanna stay in bed but also makes it difficult to look good while running errands or commuting to work. But don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to look your best as you brave the weather without ending up in a soggy outfit.


1.   Layering Is Key

In a country where winter doesn’t happen, it’s best to stick with light layers. This way you can cool or warm enough depending on how heavy the rain is and how strong the wind.


2.   Invest In A Bubble Umbrella

Bubble umbrella is great because it comes down around you, so it shields you and your hair better compared to typical umbrellas. Bonus point is that you stay cocooned and dry without getting other people wet especially when walking on crowded streets.


3.    Don’t Wear Anything Suede

Suede looks good but not when wet. Aside from that, it can be challenging to clean it off afterwards. So, better stick with water-repelling materials like leather when heading out and it’s pouring.


4.   Rock That Trench Coat

Even if there’s no winter in Singapore, you can still wear trench coats since it’s a kind of outerwear that is not too warm or too light when worn. So it’s perfect when the rainy days start to roll! You’ll look chic and put together in it, plus it keeps you dry and warm enough on the way to work.


5.    Pick Something Tailored

Nothing looks more disheveled than being drenched in the rain. Don’t be too complacent because you have an umbrella, you bottoms can still end up soaked especially if you’re wearing something that drags along the ground like a maxi skirt or long trousers. To avoid this, opt for more tailored cuffs during rainy days.


6.   Skip The Denim

Let’s say you’re wearing skinny jeans which should be safe from the rain since no part of it drags along the ground. But rain often comes with strong winds, so there’s still a chance of it getting wet which can be a cold and horrible feeling on your skin. Ditch the denim and opt for trousers or opaque tights if you’re wearing skirts or dresses. They keep you covered and warm without the unpleasant feeling that wet denim gives.


7.    Leather Makes You Look Fashionable And Keep You Dry

Leather doesn’t go out of style and very durable for this kind of weather. So you can rest assured that you’ll look good wearing it while being able to easily towel it dry when it gets caught in the rain.  


8.    Get Your Hair And Scalp Treated

Your hair plays a big role in your overall look. While there are ways to style your hair and keep the style despite the weather, they may leave damages in the long run. All the heat styling and product build-up can also lead to hair and scalp problems. If that happens, try LUXE hair treatment in Singapore! LUXE Scalp Specialists address the root of your hair problem to provide the most suitable solution. Their treatments maintain and restore hair follicles and stimulate healthier hair growth! Aside from that, their treatments are also great when you’re suffering from hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, eczema, psoriasis, and more that can all lead to thinning hair.  So that, your glorious and thick locks, will be restored.