7 Benefits Of Warm Oil Massage To Your Scalp And Hair

By admin on March 06, 2017

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Most often than not, people only think of ways to improve their hair’s condition when they’re already struggling with an issue like oily hair, dandruff, or hair thinning. The thing is that at this point you’d working towards damage control mode instead of hair improvement.


Why let your hair get to that point if you can avoid it in the first place? Before you experience any problems with your scalp and hair, try warm oil massage at least once a week and you’d be in awe with how much it can enhance your hair and scalp which can keep any issues at bay too.


Here are the top seven benefits you can enjoy from warm oil massage:

1.  It Helps Enhance Blood Circulation In The Head And Neck Area.

When the scalp is “tight” from stress, circulation and hair growth are impeded. The massage helps loosen it up and allow proper blood circulation in the area.


2. It Helps Strengthen The Roots Of The Hair And Nourishes The Hair-Shafts, Promoting New Hair Growth And Strengthening Current Hair.

Herbal oils are very effective provider of potent nutrition and energy for your hair. This helps maintain and restore the hair follicles while balancing the level of white blood cells in hair cells in the process.

3. It Spreads The Natural Oils Of The Hair, Increasing Hair Luster And Vibrancy.

When massaging oil into the scalp, the oil penetrates into the hair follicles to distribute nutrients to each strand which then results to vibrant and lustrous locks.


4. It Is Replenishing And Rejuvenating For Dry, Damaged Hair, And Helps Prevent Excessive Brittleness And Split-Ends.

Essential oils are very effective moisturizer which can help bring back damaged hair to life.

5. It Helps Soften And Condition The Hair, Making It More Manageable.

Since warm oil massages help moisturize the scalp and hair, this makes it easier for you to manage your hair because you’re no longer dealing with dry and frizzy tresses.


6.  It Lubricates And Conditions The Scalp, Helping To Prevent Flakes And Dry Scalp Without The Use Of Harsh Chemical Shampoos.

Most of your hair problems started with your scalp. If your scalp is in good condition, you’re less likely to develop hair problems.


7. It Helps Protect Hair From The Damaging Effects Of The Sun And Harsh Weather By Improving Resiliency Over Time.

Just as your skin needs protection from the sun and harsh weather, your hair does too. Warm oil massages can help provide a protective layer for your strands so they don’t easily get damaged and builds resistance over time with consistent treatment.

Steps For DIY Scalp And Hair Massage

At first, it may be best to seek a professional for this kind of hair treatment to get a better idea of how exactly it’s done. But after a while you can also do it on your own to get to know your own hair and be more proactive with incorporating this into your hair care. Here’s how you do a DIY scalp and hair massage at the comfort of your own home.


  •         Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil by placing the bowl in some hot water. The oil should be warm but comfortable to the touch so it doesn’t burn your hands and your scalp when you apply it.


  •         Using the pads of your fingers, apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp, parting your hair as needed. Also work some oil along the length of your hair. Then, using the pads of your fingers, work the oil into your scalp, using circular motions. Slow, deliberate movements are relaxing while steady but vigorous movement helps enhance energy and circulation.


  •         Cover your entire scalp with a shower cap. Leave the oil on for at least 30-60 minutes before shampooing and rinsing, longer if you can.


  •         You may also opt for a towel dipped into hot water to cover your scalp. Just wring the excess water out and cover your entire scalp. This helps the oil condition and softens your hair better. You can also leave the oil on overnight. Just cover your pillows so the oil won’t leave any stain.


  •         Shampoo out with a gentle, natural shampoo.