5 Tips On Hair Care When You Swim Regularly

By admin on August 25, 2018

5 Tips On Hair Care When You Swim Regularly

We already know by now that our hair is at its most vulnerable state when wet which is why we’re repeatedly told to take extra caution when handling wet hair. Now combine that with chemicals present in closed water bodies like pool or in open like sea, lake, river, pond etc. and your hair is basically in more trouble. So whether you’re a professional swimmer or just likes to swim as a hobby and exercise, don’t forget to take extra care for your locks if you don’t want it to end up dry and damaged.


1.   Shower Before Getting In The Pool

Due to hair’s ability to easily absorb water, chemicals like chlorine used in the pool gets sucked into the pores of the hair quickly too. To avoid this, always make sure you shower so that the pores become occupied and chemicals don’t get the chance to sneak in. If you really can’t shower, applying a leave-in conditioner before swimming helps too.


2.   Use An Oil Treatment

We all know oil and water don’t mix. So massaging oil onto your hair and scalp help repel water from being easily absorbed as well as the chemicals that come along with it. But you must cover your head before diving into the water as exposure of hair to sunlight can reduce the effect of oil.


3.   Cover Your Hair

The swim cap that you see swimmers wear isn’t only to make them extra glide better and faster in the water since hair in the body can slow you down which is why swimmers shave. It also helps protect the hair by minimizing the contact between your hair and chlorinated or salty water as well as it prevents the entry of water into your ears.


4.   Hair Care After Swimming

Now, just because you applied oil or worn a swim cap while swimming doesn’t mean your hair didn’t absorb anything at all. All those prep simply lessens the damage. So, it’ important that you still care for you mane after you went swimming. Try to wash it off as soon as you can. Letting the chlorinated or salty water sit on your hair and scalp for too long can cause irritation and make it susceptible to bacterial infection and even dandruff. So make sure to shampoo your hair right away when you get caught up in the rain.


Since it’s still possible to develop dandruff if you’re a regular swimming, even with extra precaution such as mentioned above, due to the chemicals the water comes with. Give your tresses some deep hair and scalp treatment every once in a while. LUXE Scalp Specialists address the root of your hair problem to provide the most suitable solution. Their treatments maintain and restore hair follicles and stimulate healthier hair growth! Aside from that, their treatments are also great when you’re suffering from hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, eczema, psoriasis, and more that can all lead to thinning hair.


5.   Keep A Wide Tooth Comb In Handy

When your hair is wet, it’s a big no-no to use a brush because it can cause a lot of tension on your already vulnerable tresses. However, it would also be weird to just walk around in your damp and disheveled hair. So make it a habit to carry around a wide tooth comb with you, especially if you swim a lot. You can use it to touch up your hair even while damp.