5 Surprising Ways to Revive Your Natural Hair!

By admin on April 24, 2019

Young woman is combing hair in bathroom at home

When it comes to hair health, do you immediately think of the best shampoos, conditioners and oils you have used? What of the brands that your friends highly recommend for you to try? Yet, there is actually more to healthy hair than the products you use. While these solutions will indeed help you to enhance its texture, volume, and smoothness, if your hair is not turning out as you like, don’t give up just yet. There are other lifestyle changes and preventive measures you can incorporate into your daily life. But if you find that your habits are not the cause of your weak, thinning hair, consider consulting a professional hair specialist for hair loss scalp treatment Singapore services.

When your hair is brittle and weak, it can be distressing. Which is why without further ado, here are our five everyday habits that will take the health of your hair to the next level.


  1. Make Dietary Changes

While genetics and age are beyond your control, your diet is in your hands. How you treat your body under its surface is important. The first and foremost thing to do is to consume more food with protein. Extreme cases of protein deficiency can eventually lead to hair loss. From eggs to fatty fish, you have many options to choose from to make sure you are getting enough protein. These easy additions to your daily meals can make a big difference in keeping your hair healthy and improving hair growth.


  1. Add Vitamins To Your Daily Routine

The next best thing that will be incredibly beneficial for stronger hair are vitamins specifically designed to boost the nutrition of your hair. Such daily supplements contain crucial vitamins like B complex vitamins such as B1, B3, B5, B6 and biotin which are essential for hair health. When lacking the goodness of B vitamins in your system, it can contribute to the undernourishment of hair follicle cells. Biotin deficiency, for instance, can cause discolouration and thinning of hair. Your hair is made of protein, more specifically keratin. That is where biotin comes in as this vitamin is required in the infrastructure of keratin. Thus, ensuring that there is more than enough protein in your diet will not only maintain the building blocks of your hair, it may also increase the rate of hair growth.


Common causes of hair problems

  1. Avoid Touching Your Hair

Are you guilty of touching your hair frequently while you are deep in thought? Can you relate to mindlessly tugging onto your hair until its dead ends disintegrate between your fingertips? Twirling strand after strand and picking at split ends may be a coping mechanism to some when we are stressed or nervous. Most of the time, we are not even aware that we are doing it. But did you know that too much contact can be damaging as it may tangle up your hair. When done roughly, you may snap them and even pull them out. Sure, playing with a few strands does no harm but when it becomes a habit over a long period of time, how many strands would that be?

When you tug onto your hair with your fingers, the dirt and oil on your hands can mix in with the natural oils in your hair and hair product to create build-up. This means that no matter how clean you have washed your hair from the night before, the dirty scalp environment caused by constant touching might not encourage your hair to grow well. Touch them only when you are pampering them such as massaging your scalp, which can promote hair growth. But besides leaving your hair alone, you can also make it a point to wash your hands regularly.


  1. Avoid Tying Your Hair

But if it can’t be helped on bad hair days, you can still look presentable when your hair is tied back loosely. Regardless of your hair type or texture, there are many quick, easy hairstyle tutorials that you can find online which shows how you can rock your natural mane.

When your hair is done up too tightly, the constant tugging strains on the hair root and puts more tension on the hair follicles, gradually damaging them. You might have noticed some people or even know of friends who have a receding hairline. It is through having overly tight hairstyles over a long period of time that led to those bald patches. If you start to do this lesser from now onwards, it will reduce the excessive stress your scalp has been receiving and your hair will be able to grow normally. You can also play around with different looks instead of sticking to your go-to hairstyle. When you do so, ditch the elastic rubber bands and opt for scrunchies or hair ties that are gentler on the hair.


  1. Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools

There’s no harm giving your hair a break and letting it all down. So with all this in mind, many of us get out of the shower and immediately start brushing out our hair to get rid of tangles. While that promises a neat hair-do, your hair is at a weak and fragile state when wet, which makes it more susceptible to breakage. Thus, an alternative is to let it dry first before handling it.

Now, you might be thinking of the hair dryer at this point, but we recommend allowing your hair to breathe in its natural state. Especially living in a hot and humid environment like Singapore’s, our hair is already exposed to the constant heat, which is why it is essential to not dry it out even more with these styling tools.

Instead of relying on hair care products, there are other major factors that can influence and revive your natural hair. It can help more when you start to make these little changes to your lifestyle. But if your hair has become really thin that despite these tricks it still ends up looking limp and lifeless, maybe it is time you address the hair thinning problem instead of exploring other products. Try LUXESCALP hair treatment in Singapore! Our LUXESCALP Specialists will address the root of your hair problem to provide the most suitable solution. Our treatments will restore your hair follicles as well as stimulate healthier hair growth! Get your glorious and thick locks restored today!