5 New Year Resolutions To Get a Healthy Scalp and Hair

By admin on January 25, 2019

If finally getting beautiful hair is up on your bucket list this new year, it will take so much more than caring for your strands. Rather, you should focus more on your scalp and hair roots. When you cannot seem to attain those luscious waves of hair, it usually stems from your scalp, making it the root of your hair problems. That would mean trying new techniques and products to revitalize your hair or, for faster results, seeking dry or oily scalp hair loss treatment.


There are certainly many methods and ways that you can try, but which ones will definitely guarantee results? Here are some of our golden rules to help you get a jump on achieving gorgeous locks that will last through the entire year and more:


  • Trim Regularly – Heat treatments and blow-drying of hair are usually the cause of damage, split ends. Your hair will not only appear unattractive, but the split ends can eventually hinder your hair growth. When the cuticles of your hair get damaged and wear off, your hair ends will start to split. They will continue splitting up the full length of the hair shaft when you do nothing about it. This can ultimately lead to breakage and loss of hair if you continue to let your split ends persist.


On the contrary, when you get rid of dead parts of your hair, you allow your hair to remain healthy as it grows, and this can help in length retention in the long run. Split ends, on the other hand, will eventually rob your hair of its shine, thus incorporating this step of trimming your hair as often as you can will be essential for healthy, strong hair.


  • Condition The Right Way – But if you are lacking that glossy sheen in your hair, this might be due to dry hair. This just means that your hair does not retain enough moisture, making it appear frizzy, brittle and lifeless. Especially when you are living in a hot climate such as Singapore’s, your hair is constantly exposed under the harsh sun every time you step out of the house, which is why having dry hair is not an uncommon problem.


To get that silky-looking hydrated hair, one solution would be deep conditioning your hair. Especially after heat-styling or color-treating, these treatments can dry your hair out faster. When you apply deep-conditioning, it will replenish the much-needed hair moisture and protects it from damage. Additionally, deep conditioning products usually contain important nutrients that your hair needs such as protein. Having this moisture-protein balance will further improve your hair’s elasticity, so if you have yet to incorporate the habit of deep-conditioning, this year might be the perfect time to make it a step you can’t afford to skip in your daily routine.


  • Your Scalp Needs Exfoliation – Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Your scalp is that one part of your skin that is often overlooked but just like how you make an extra effort to exfoliate the skin on your face, your scalp will also benefit equally from a good scrub. Under all that hair, your scalp is not as clean as you think. There could be dead skin cells or dirt that does not rinse away and stay even after you shampoo your hair. Periodic scalp exfoliation is necessary to remove any excess skin cells, dandruff and oil. How often you do it depends on your scalp type, but a general rule of thumb would be exfoliating one to two times per week or it could irritate your scalp. Once you have this key step in your regimen,


  • Take Note Of What You Eat – Did you know that your hair is affected by what you eat? Besides using exfoliators and deep-conditioning products, it is also crucial to take note of what you are eating. Lacking the right nutrients may slow down your hair growth and, in worse cases, cause hair loss. For starters, your hair is made up of protein fiber, thus ensuring that you have enough protein in your meals is a great starter to healthier hair. When you do not have enough protein in your diet, your body will start to cut down the amount of protein that goes to your hair and send this supply to other parts of your body that needs it more. Your hair looks dull and brittle as a result. Thus, you should eat food that contains protein, and this includes eggs, chicken and turkey. A regular intake of these food products will gradually have a positive impact on your hair growth.


Besides that, another basic nutrient needed for healthy hair growth is iron. When hair follicles grow, they will require a lot of iron. Feeding your hair with iron-rich food such as leafy green vegetables, nuts and cereals will help strengthen your hair follicles even more.


To take it a step further, try incorporating more food containing omega-3 and fish oils into your diet. They nourish your hair and supports thickening. And if you know that you are not consuming enough of nutrients for your hair, by correcting this deficiency, you will be maintaining your hair’s health even longer. Even if you are vegan, do make sure to supplement your diet with protein and iron for maximum hair health.


  • Taking Supplements – Your hair needs that extra love and by adding a supplement with the right balance of vitamins, this can help you achieve maximum lengths. For instance, Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, and as mentioned earlier, iron is crucial for hair growth. Vitamin C also blocks damage by free radicals made when the body breaks down food that can cause your hair to age at a faster rate. You can start looking for formulas specifically made for hair, skin, and nails. This includes biotin, silica, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, and omega-3.


And that’s it! Whether it is eating more protein-rich food or trimming your hair on a regular basis, always start by listening and paying more attention to your scalp and you are on your way to achieving a healthier head of hair.