About Us

We provide top quality scalp care treatments using modernized herbal formulation and trichological techniques.


We observe and practice high standard of professional conduct and ethical behavior


We deliver comprehensive and personalized care to every client

Quality Control

Our top-notch services are enhanced with modern facilities and comprehensive amenities

Certified and recognized by Trichologists Worldwide

Your Trusted Expert

Our In-House Trichologist validates our treatment and products

IAT is the MOST renowned Associations, which specialized in the study; research and practice in all aspects of hair care treatments

Our Mission

Luxurious pampering. We use only the finest herbs for our customers to ensure optimum results and believe in optimizing value added services for our customers.


Our hair mask treatment is the only one in Singapore that combines the uniqueness of both Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, to ensure customer experience the best of both world, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs has been around for the longest time and the benefits has been proven over the time.


Each treatment come with our signature acupressure scalp massage that aids in blood circulation and reliever neck massage that is meant to relax the neck’s muscle.


Customers seen improvement in just 3 treatments. Customers will experience less oily scalp and lesser hair fall in just 3 treatments.