I tried most of the oily scalp shampoos in Watsons and guardians, I even tried dry shampoos and cutting my hair shorter to reduce the greasiness on my hair at the end of each day. But I still have to rush home to wash my hair if I plan to go out at the end of a long workday, so that my hair looks more voluminous and less oily. My colleagues told me about Luxe Scalp as she went for the trial before and ask me give it a try, after doing the oily scalp treatment, i find that my scalp is not oily anymore, i particularly like the steaming process which help to open up the pores and break down the oil sebum, this effectively cleanse the oil on the scalp, leaving my scalp refreshed and oil free after the treatment.

Being a property agent require me to always be on the run meeting clients everywhere in singapore,oily scalp has been with me since day 1 of my job, i was really bothered by it and have try lots of oily scalp shampoo in the market, but the scalp will again be oily by noontime, this is until i saw Luxe Ads on google and decided to give it a try, the treatment changed my perspective of oily scalp, i always think it is a problem that cannot be solve until i try the oily scalp treatment, my scalp is not oily anymore, my clients was even commenting that i look different from before. Thank you Luxe scalp for helping me with my oily scalp problem.

From grey hair to copper hair! I thank Luxe Scalp Specialist for making me look younger. The all natural herbal treatment work very well to cover my white hair and stop my hair loss problem. At least now I do not need to dye my hair using chemical dyes and risk damaging my scalp causing hair loss problem at the same time.

The feeling of having non-greasy hair is so good. My hair used to be greasy and flat just a few hours after I shampoo them, this made me look like I have not been washing my hair for few days. I have to wash my hair at least 2 times a day and the constant cleansing may have led to my hair becoming thinner and thinner. With Luxe MTM treatments, my hair now does not become greasy even at the end of a long work day. And all I do now is a monthly scalp cleansing regime with Luxe.

Having to run around under the sun every day and work stress had led to me having receding hair line and premature hair loss. I searched for professional scalp care in Singapore and found Luxe. I was initially skeptical about them using non-chemical methods but went ahead to try. Their customized program really does help me control my hair fall problem and after about 4-5 treatments, I see new hair growth. I hope to continue to see better results from Luxe.

My hairdresser always tell me to take good care of my hair and one day she ask me why my hair is getting lesser and lesser. I know I need to do something about it. I saw an advertisement by Luxe and decided to give it a try since it is 100% natural. They did the Korean gold ginseng treatment for me and my scalp feel less oily and i experience lesser hair fall after the 2nd sessions. Being a masseur myself, ‘the acupuncture head massage performed by the trained therapist is beyond my expectation, just the right amount of strength at the right points.’

I always go for regular hair dying in the salon ever since my white hair problem arises in the late 1980s. It causes my scalp to be itchy and my hair becomes dry and eventually I see more and more hair fall. I decided to give Luxe Scalp Specialist He Shou Wu treatment a try. After doing the treatment, my white hair turns to a natural tinge of copper color, ‘my scalp feels less itchy’ and the hair feel less dry’. My friendly consultant told me the treatment done on me is 100% chemical free and the natural herbs in the He Shou Wu treatment cover white hair naturally without harming the hair follicles.

Frequent use of hair spray and tight hairstyles required by my job had led to more hair fall and irritable scalp. Realizing that I need to do something, I went to Luxe Scalp Specialist after recommendation by my friend. At the first visit, the consultant did a scalp analysis for me and ‘to my horror, my scalp is all clogged up with dirt and sebum built up’; with flaky and sensitive condition and balding signs. I did the customised Luxe anti hair fall treatment and immediately i saw a cleaner scalp after my first treatment. Now, my hair fall problem has been solved and i can fly with more confidence!

I am very particular with my image and outlook, as I need to meet clients during work. Maybe due to work stress, I see more and more hair fall recently. I went to Luxe for help and was told by the consultant that I have stage 1 hair loss after a detailed scalp analysis. Luxe trichologist consultant customized a treatment process for me called Luxe Korean Ginseng Treatment. This treatment is meant to strengthen my hair to prevent further hair fall. The best part of the treatment is the scalp & shoulder massage; ‘Now I only need to pay 1 price for treating my hair loss problem and a relaxing massage to relieve my shoulder ache.’

My oily scalp problem seem to get worse and I see more hair in the bathroom everyday. My son ask me to try out Luxe Scalp Specialist Dead Sea Cleansing Therapy instead of just using hair loss shampoo and hair tonic. I was amazed that after few cleansing sessions, I find lesser fallen hair in the bathroom and I feel that my hair is not so oily anymore. ‘I am just glad that now, every end of the day, I do not have greasy hair problem anymore.’